Private Detectives

A private detective can, help identify a corporate mole who is selling company secrets, log the activities of someone suspected of insurance or benefit fraud or find and make contact with a missing friend or relative. Always working within the law we use the latest technology to gather information including data forensics (retrieval of information from computers and mobile phones).

Private Detective Services

We provide detailed written reports, including date/time stamped DVD and photographic evidence. All our evidence is admissible in court and we can attend hearings and trials as witnesses.

  • Covert Surveillance Tracking - Effective surveillance isn’t simply about good technique and having the latest technology.
  • Private Investigators - Often the reason for considering private investigation is that you are looking for answers and without these answers you cannot make an informed decision.
  • Insurance Claim Investigators - People know the value of insurance, however, it does not stop them from seeing the premium as a non returnable outgoing which in turn makes them exaggerate claims or submit fraudulent claims for their own gain.
  • Matrimonial Partner Investigators - Whether you are noticing small changes in your partner’s behaviour or routine or if there are more obvious alterations 3e Private Investigations can help you.
  • Private Investigators Detectives - We offer a wealth of experience, with our fully trained male and female private investigators who are employed because of their proven achievements in this area.