Hidden Camera Bespoke Installations

Businesses that approach us for surveillance work have very specific requirements regarding their environments and working practices, this can be a challenge for a professional - one we welcome!

3e operatives had to be creative whilst investigating large cash thefts from one company. We had to place a hidden camera into an area which was empty giving very little scope to hide a camera.

A camera was eventually placed in the middle of a knot in a piece of wooden furniture which provided a suitable view when strategically placed, so the thief was able to be observed from a private office. The resulting evidence from the camera caught the thief who had stolen over £34,000 in two visits.

We were also instructed by another company to install a hidden camera to catch a thief who was stealing money from work colleagues. We carried this out on a Sunday evening ready for the staff to arrive at 9.00 am on the Monday morning. Almost immediately the thief went into action and was caught by 9.35am. The thief had worked for the company for a long period of time and was thought to be honest and trustworthy

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