Matrimonial Investigations 

Not all spouses we investigate are unfaithful - the evidence we collect is thorough and will confirm or deny the existence of a cheating partner. Despite legal limitations and privacy protections, we are confident we can get conclusive evidence within the bounds of the law.

3e were contacted by a lady who was suspicious about her husband’s regular business trips abroad. After discussing the options open to her a 3e team were instructed to follow her husband on one of his trips to gather evidence. There was no evidence of any business activities: her husband was observed and photographed visiting bars and clubs. The 3eteam continued to fully document and record the husband’s activities in case our client decided to use the evidence in court.

Another similar case of a cheating spouse: During surveillance the 3e team observed the husband visiting a brothel. Our team also secured third party cctv footage proving he had been visiting the establishment over a long and continuous period. During surveillance he was also filmed attending a specialist clinic for sexually transmitted diseases. We also undertook forensic examination of the client’s computer which uncovered a number of issues including theft of our client’s personal documents which was reported to the police.

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