Private Detective 

3e Private Investigators always provide clear evidence, confidentiality, a professional, flexible, reliable service, competitive costs, together with a sensible and sympathetic ear for all our cases.

Private Investigator 

In all cases - from John O' Groats to Land's End - we offer clear evidence, confidentiality, professionalism, flexibility, reliability, peace of mind and competitive pricing. We also offer free advice, whether you take us up on our quote or not.

Is my partner cheating? 

This is such a common question we are requested to look into: At 3e we treat every request with the same degree of respect and care, as we are all too well aware of the amount of anguish the client has gone through to finally reach the decision to ask for help with this problem.

At 3e we provide documented/photographic/dvd evidence to prove or disprove whether a partner/husband/wife is cheating or not. This evidence ensures our clients have all the information they need to enable them to make their own informed decision

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