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3e Private Investigators work for companies and individuals across all regions and cities in the UK, including Birmingham.

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Wherever and whenever 3e conduct surveillance or investigations we provide the same excellent service: clear evidence, confidentiality, professionalism, flexibility, reliability and competitive prices. We also offer you the benefit of our experience with some free advice.

Private Investigators – Birmingham 

Statistics have shown that approx. 78% of people claiming sickness benefit were false claims and were in fact fit for work.

We at 3e Private Investigators strongly believe that any company who uses our services will be able to reduce their sickness and absenteeism levels drastically. In turn this will increase the morale of the company and probably more importantly deter anyone from abusing the sickness policy. There is of course an outlay for our services but this will soon be recouped by the subsequent savings made on administration costs and the costs for employing temporary workers due to sickness etc.

3e’s services include work place infiltration, which allows the senior management of the company to actually see how well their business is being run and will highlight any problems of theft or fraud etc.

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