Sickness Insurance Fraud

3e was contacted by a plumbing business, whose insurers had received a claim application from an employee. Their employee said he had been injured while working but was now unfit to undertake his usual tasks as a result. They required us to validate his personal injury claim.

3e held a meeting with the client and an agreement was made as to the proper course of action. As a result, 3e deployed covert operatives to follow the plumber and gather evidence.

Over several days he was filmed, apparently conducting a full time business as a self-employed plumber. Using covert surveillance techniques, 3e took time/date stamped photographs and video evidence of him holding a bath above his head while he secured it to the roof rack of his works van, which was owned by his employers, our clients.

3e met with the employers and presented them with the evidence we had gathered on their behalf. As the mobility witnessed was not consistent with the extent of back injury reported to doctors, which he said was preventing him from working, our client had the evidence they needed to refute his claim. The photographs and video were passed on to the insurance company and the plumber's claim was dropped.

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