Work Related Stress – Manchester, London “The Costs” Case Study

Absenteeism and days lost to sickness is costing the UK economy billions of pounds each year. Since Work Related Stress (WRS) became a recognised work place injury, it has left the door open to sickness abusers, not only allowing them to take time off work sick but allowing them to take months off at a time.

The symptoms of WRS are easy to access via the internet and anyone wishing to abuse the system could replicate the symptoms to their Doctor as they are not normally visible (like a rash or broken leg) but psychological.

We at 3e can halt the sickness abusers by carrying out in depth surveillance and investigations, and ultimately stop them from stealing from your company.

All theft from companies is not due to employees abusing the sickness policy. Companies who have more than one office, maybe they are spread throughout the UK are open to abuse. Managers are often given a huge amount of trust and responsibility which is not always well founded and they do not fulfil their obligations as they are expected to i.e. no control over the staff, leaving work early, playing golf when they should be in the office or committing fraudulent acts etc which can and does cause irreparable damage to the business. With the help of the 3e Team and their investigators these problems could so easily be avoided.

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