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It’s a sad fact of life but sometimes people are dishonest in their private life. Marriages go through rocky stages and partners sometimes stray but we all need to know where we stand and, whether infidelity causes a strain on the heart strings or the purse strings, it’s hard to sleep with questions, questions, questions, keeping you awake at night. This is where a private detective may be able to help. Those long absences from home, are they overtime at work or playing away time? Are those drinks with friends or trips to the cinema true or a clumsy lie? Our detectives are chosen for their previous experience in surveillance but only those with the sensitivity necessary for matrimonial investigations will be assigned to your case.

We treat each matrimonial or pre-nuptial case with a professionalism and respect that may not be found in all detective agencies. Our advice and service is always practical and carried out in the strictest confidence. We never leave you in the dark but provide frequent updates at every stage of the investigation, which will include feedback reports direct from the surveillance team, date and time stamped DVD recordings and photographs along with a written daily report.

Dishonesty is rife in all areas of human activity but nowhere does it cause such great financial loss as in corporate embezzlement or fraud. At 3e Private Investigators we are experienced in all types of business investigation. A private detective could pinpoint the small time thief slowly depositing odd pounds in a new account or a team of operatives may be necessary to prevent multinational deals being undermined by competitors. We can dish the dirt, clear the air and expose any dirty dealing that puts your business at risk. What’s more we can find irrefutable proof that will stand up in court.

Our operatives are trained to use our high speed, high definition cameras as well as how to track mobile phone and web use. Vehicle tracking, cash and document marking and tracing, long distance recording are all included in our service.

Insurance companies often use us to validate insurance claims, not necessarily to avoid payment but to ensure claimants aren’t asking for more than they have lost. We also work with government agencies in cases of individuals frequently trying to defraud the system and in both these examples we have operatives trained to meet and interview the individuals involved.

Each private detective in 3e works within the law so that all our reports stand up in court where we are often called upon as witnesses. We have all the right qualifications, belong to the best regulatory bodies (ABI, IFIG, and BBA) and have all our operatives’ backgrounds checked before we begin training them. All of this adds up to a private investigation agency that is reliable, discreet, appropriate and effective.

We are also at your service 24 hours a day, every day for private individuals, people in the public eye, and every size of organisation. We can operate in almost any country and in most environments; where ever you need us and doing whatever you need us to do.

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