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If you are thinking of using a private investigator to help with a personal, matrimonial or business problem then you must be looking to gather the full facts to enable you to arrive at an informed decision about how to proceed in the matter. 3e can supply you with all the available facts by using our experience, our skills and advanced technical equipment. We offer detailed reports, including date-and-time stamped audio-video evidence as well as photographs and written information. All our evidence is admissible in court and we can attend hearings and trials as witnesses.

The 3e team provides professional, qualified and skilled private investigators, UK and worldwide, to private individuals, celebrities, politicians, public sector organisations, government departments, private sector firms and multi-national corporations. Whether you need a matrimonial investigator to confirm whether or not your partner is cheating on you, to find a missing person, to identify an employee who is selling company secrets, or to record the activities of someone suspected of insurance or benefits fraud, then we can help you.

3e offers VIP close protection, bodyguards, detectives, surveillance, private investigators UK and worldwide services and fully trained insurance investigators to combat fraudulent insurance claims, personal injury claims, household policies, health or employment and social security persistent claimants. We can also undertake pre-surveillance background checks which can reveal valuable information on a company or individual.

3e also accepts instructions to undertake liability, indemnity and fraud investigations on behalf of insurance companies, personal injury lawyers and claim handlers. We can legally observe, visit the subject and undertake interviews with them.

The records supplied by our operatives are detailed, credible and accountable evidence, fit for admission in court, all supported with time/dated photographic, video evidence of the subject's activities.

Our private investigators, UK and world-wide, while being very discreet and completely aware of the emotional effect of their results, provide regular updates at every stage of the investigation, which will include feedback reports direct from the surveillance team, date and time stamped DVD recordings and photographs along with a written daily report.

Our covert surveillance teams use the latest, state of the art technology and have a formidable array of tracking techniques including GPS vehicle tracking, covert observations, electronic and all other types of conventional surveillance techniques, global tracking systems, high powered photographic and covert video cameras. We also use the latest technology to gather information including data forensics - the retrieval of information from computers and mobile phones.

Our charges are reasonable and can be, for some clients, fixed rate. All our clients are informed of the rates for the work up front and the efficiency of our working practises saves you valuable time and expenses.

3e operatives can be deployed almost anywhere in the world. We are wherever you need us to be, doing whatever you need us to do, however you need us to do it. We are completely in tune with your requirements and have the flexibility to find the most appropriate way to obtain the information that you need, when you need it.

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