Private Investigator

You may have in your mind an image of a private investigator working from a small, smoky office, dressed in a dirty raincoat, taking pictures with a cheap camera, oh you are so wrong. Our operatives work from upmarket offices, use the latest computerised equipment and would only dress in a dirty raincoat if they were undercover as someone sleeping rough.

A private investigator these days is just as likely to be working from an office or surveillance vehicle while observing a subject with long distance cameras or tracking them with the latest tacking device. They will be neatly dressed when not undercover and dressed appropriately otherwise.

As for the people who use the services of a private investigator, they range from Government bodies, insurance firms, corporate lawyers, public figures, film stars and any individual who is in need of investigative services. 3e Private investigators also offer protection and security services but for the average individual, who may just want to find a missing person, check the background of an interviewee or check on the movements of their spouse, we have the appropriate personnel and you will find we offer these services at a very reasonable price. We can even offer fixed, flat rates for some clients.

Our operatives come from backgrounds in the police or armed forces that give them experience in surveillance and dealing with varied situations. They are then trained in the specialised work of private investigation and kept up to date with all the latest technologies. Each private investigator on our staff will be able to work surveillance duties outside or within a business, some specialise in particular roles, such as interviewing insurance claimants, but all have the people skills necessary to work in sensitive and possibly delicate situations.

All 3e Private Investigators are backed by and trained by the Association of British Investigators, the British Bodyguard Association the Information Commissioner's Officeand registered with the Security Industry Authority (SIA).We also we carry out thorough background checks on all our personnel.

Hence we offer secure investigation and security services. Our evidence is used by our clients in court and our operatives are often called as witnesses. The information we gather for you will include data forensics - the retrieval of information from computers and mobile phonesoffers and detailed reports, including date-and-time stamped audio-video evidence, photographs and written information.

We realise that contacting a private investigator can be difficult but 3e operatives work with the utmost discretion and sensitivity to our client’s needs. We provide frequent reports straight from our surveillance officers which can then help matters come to a speedy conclusion. We are totally flexible so that we are available when you need us; 24 hours a day 365 day per year. We are available to operate almost anywhere in the world and to carry out instructions the way you need us to.

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