Matrimonial Investigation

The matrimonial investigation service from 3e Private Investigators will expose a cheating spouse in the UK or abroad, and free innocent parties of suspicion.

We understand fully the anxiety and probably the sleepless nights you have experienced to arrive at the decision to use our matrimonial investigation services. We can help to put your mind at rest; all the members of our surveillance and investigation team are very discreet and completely aware of the emotional effect of their results.

Private Investigator Services

3e's matrimonial investigations include: vehicle tracking, data forensics, tracing and surveillance. The evidence we submit will be admissible in a court should that be your chosen route.

We fully appreciate that instructing a Private Investigator / Private Detective to ‘check up’ on a loved one is a very hard choice to make, but living with doubt, uncertainty and anxiety is far worse.

If you have any queries or require any further information, please email: or call for an informal discussion with one of our security consultants.